8 Common Roadblocks to Health and Wellness

WellnessAdults are stretched in many different directions. Taking care of yourself often falls through the cracks. When you finally admit that you aren’t quite feeling like yourself, figuring out exactly what’s wrong can be a challenge, and feel like yet another demand on your time that you just can’t spare. There are many ways that good health and wellness can be interrupted. Functional medicine takes a well-rounded approach to determine exactly what factors are contributing to your chronic illness or unease. In short, the practice of functional medicine treats the underlying cause of a condition, not just the symptoms.



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Lifestyle factors are an essential part of health and wellness, which means tending to these factors is critical to reverse or minimize any conditions that you are suffering. Here are just eight of the most common roadblocks to health and wellness:

  1. Exhaustion

Do you get enough rest every night? You may think that you do, or you may feel like you make up for the lack of rest with naps on the weekends, but this isn’t always enough. Exhaustion can come from many sources, including legitimate lack of sleep, but also stress or illness or poor diet.

  1. Limited time

Feeling unwell can be a direct result of having too much to do. You work long hours, tend to your family and home. The exercise you wish you could do or the healthy meals you wish you could cook never happen. A nutritional team will aid you in developing a healthy menu that is achievable, an exercise system that you have time to manage.

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  1. Restricted budget

Are you neglecting to exercise because you can’t afford a gym membership? You don’t need professional equipment and organized classes to get physical exercise. Do you run through the fast food line because it seems more affordable than purchasing food to cook at home? Taking unhealthy shortcuts can become rote and routines are hard to break out of, especially if you feel like you can’t afford a new one.

  1. Unhealthy social activities

Are you eating out all the time? Do you drink a little too much? Are you staying out late more often than not? Your body can only take so much abuse, and the toxins your system absorbs can interfere with the food you eat and the way your organs and tissues function. Without detoxification, you will continue to feel poorly.

  1. Environment

Where you live and work impacts your well-being. Do you spend most of your time indoors? Are you around carpeting that is full of allergens? The most innocuous-seeming factors absolutely affect how you feel. Our bodies are meant to move and be outdoors. A functional medicine team will recognize what’s lacking in your environment and help you obtain the benefits you need, even if you think your lifestyle may not allow it.

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  1. Lack of support

Do you have a supportive group of people around you? Only spending time with coworkers or friends or even family members who don’t buoy your health goals can have you failing before you even begin to change your way of living. Working with a functional medicine team ensures that you have a support system behind you that is aligned with your health goals and determined to help you reach them.

 Bad habits

Investing in diets that promise miracle results. Relying on medicine that only gives you more negative side effects than correcting what ails you. Exercising incorrectly and harming yourself in the process, causing a body breakdown rather than stimulating healing. Exercise, diet, and care can be personalized to your needs. Even if you have a serious illness, it is possible to develop a treatment plan that can help you feel as good as possible given your health circumstances, and even alleviate side effects of traditional medical treatment for your affliction.

  1. Lack of information

The first step to achieving wellness is education. The practice of functional medicine is not meant help you temporarily, but for life. The Restorative Wellness Center is focused on addressing your problems at the source, rather than providing only a band-aid for your symptoms. We want to help you understand your risk factors and triggers and make smart decisions about your health, environment, diet, and body.

You don’t have to live with disease. Get the tools to change your lifestyle, improve the function of your body, and reverse health problems over time. Trust that you can be on a proactive path to wellness. Contact the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor to schedule a consultation with our functional medicine team. It’s time to put yourself first and live your best life.

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