Can You Reverse Neuropathy?

Anyone who suffers from chronic nerve pain knows this condition can be debilitating and terrifying. With the right kind of neuropathy therapy, customized to your individual health and wellness needs, it is possible to reduce the effects of neuropathy, experience relief from the pain, and prevent the disease from progressing further.

The Signs of a Person with Neuropathy

Neuropathy Diagnosis. Medical Concept.If you are one of the 24 million Americans who are dealing with nerve damage, you know that the symptoms of this affliction can be varied and far-reaching. Your feet, hands, or fingers may tingle, burn, or feel numb. Your back may be overly sensitive and susceptible to cramping or sharp pains. The side effects of neuropathy could wake you from sleep or prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.

While neuropathy begins mildly, the problem can progress into a distracting and painful problem that interrupts your work, family life, leisure activities, and so much more. Your neuropathy condition may even be evident to others if you find yourself having difficulty walking, coordination issues, limping, weakness, or slow reflexes.

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How Does Functional Medicine Help Neuropathy?

If you suffer from diabetes, exposure to toxins, stenosis of the spine, disc degeneration, vascular disease, you could eventually develop neuropathy. There are, however, over 100 potential causes of neuropathy. Even infections and injuries can up your chances of ending up with this chronic condition.Getting therapy now in the form of functional medicine can help minimize your likelihood of developing peripheral neuropathy.

The lack of oxygen to nerves is the root cause of neuropathy. Through functional medicine, a drug-free, multi-disciplinary approach is administered to help eliminate pain and stimulate healing. Your chances of finding relief from neuropathy are improved tenfold by working with a functional medicine team that is determine to find the root cause of your problem and address it directly.

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Therapy for Your Whole Self

While there is no proven cure for neuropathy, there is a one-size-fits-you therapy that can increase blood supply, oxygen, and nutrients to nerves and capillaries. These efforts can minimize the numbness, tingling, and other undesirable effects of neuropathy that you are experiencing. Your environment, age, and health history (past and present) will all be taken into consideration when determining the right direction to take to make you feel like your best self.

The goal is to limit the number of medications you may currently be relying on to manage your peripheral neuropathy. The side effects of these prescriptions can create even more health problems, making you feel like neuropathy is merely one element of your overall feeling of unhealthiness.

If you have long wished for a non-invasive, natural therapy for neuropathy, contact the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule your consultation with our functional medicine team. It’s time to re-educate your nerves and turn your body into a thriving one, not an afflicted one.


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