5 Jobs That Can Cause Back Problems

back problemsYour job can leave you susceptible to back pain, even if you think your occupation is a safe zone. Whether it’s the work itself or how you position yourself at your job, the side effects of working the same way every day could put your back health in jeopardy. Back pain is a miserable condition to suffer. Spinal disc therapy or spinal decompression provide great relief for spinal pain sufferers.

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If you suspect that your back pain is a chronic condition and not just a temporary inconvenience, consider the following occupations. Any of these could lead to ongoing back pain and compromise your overall well-being.

1. Desk Jobs

Office jobs are automatically a hazard for back health. Sitting at a desk all day creates an unhealthy level of inactivity. Are you taking breaks regularly, stretching, and maintaining good posture? If you’re constantly working on a computer, you risk back pain from the way you’re positioned in front of your machine, how the screen is situated, or how far away the keyboard and mouse are. Holding your phone between ear and shoulder can also create back pain.

2. Construction

Not only do construction workers risk back problems by lifting, pulling, carrying, twisting, and bending day in and day out, they are also in danger of suffering spinal injuries falling from a ladder or scaffold.

3. Nursing

The medical profession in general is full of employees who risk back pain, particularly surgeons and dentists who stand for prolonged periods of time. But nurses, in particular, do a great deal of heavy lifting. Managing patients, whether in a nursing home or the labor and delivery ward, means helping people move around, transferring them from bed to bathroom, twisting in odd ways to ensure that the patient does not move in ways they shouldn’t. Nurses not only save lives, they risk their own spinal health and well-being every day.

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4. Heavy Lifting

Whether you work in a warehouse, deliver packages, or work in childcare, any heavy lifting can lead to back pain. This problem is complicated by poor lifting techniques, lifting more than you should, and general body fatigue from the nature of your job. Lifting with the knees and maintaining back alignment are critical to try and prevent spinal disc injury. Even prolonged exposure to vibration in a vehicle or industrial machine can create back problems.

5. Parenting

Parents tend to put themselves last when it comes to health and wellness. You may find yourself moving in odd ways to prevent your children from falling, tripping, or touching objects they shouldn’t. If your kids love to wrestle or think it’s their job to tackle you anytime you’re on the floor, you automatically risk injury. Simply lifting your kids by bending forward and rounding your back can strain the lower back.

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You don’t need to work in one of these positions to experience back pain. From assembly line workers to chefs, plumbers to farmers, mechanics to professional athletes, gardeners to retail clerks, any profession that has you doing any heavy lifting, working in awkward positions, or adopting static postures can create painful spinal disc complications. If you are seeking relief from your back pain in a natural, non-invasive way, spinal decompression and spinal disc therapy can help. Contact the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor to schedule your consultation with our functional medicine team and say goodbye to back pain.

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