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Have you ever had pain in an area that was never injured?  Why would it possibly hurt? The key to stopping your pain is finding the injury or weakness, and re-establishing STABILITY, allowing the body to relax and heal. Our thorough examination of your spine and extremities will uncover the mysterious origins of your pain and our personalized course of treatment will balance, strengthen, and reduce that nagging pain. See more …


Stabbing, burning, and shooting pain are classic signs of spinal disc and sciatic problems. Many Americans suffer with disc issues, but luckily, the right treatment is incredibly effective. See more …


More than 24 million Americans suffer from nerve damage, also called Neuropathy. Nerve damage can happen at any age, although it’s more common among older adults. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning or over-sensitivity in the hands or feet or loss of sensitivity in the feet and legs making it difficult to walk and causing poor balance. See more …

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