“I have never felt better than I have since seeing Dr. Geck and his amazing therapists. I can’t really explain how magical it is. Recently I was in an accident and in just three visits, I was feeling better. I could move my neck and back freely, and even though the bruises were still present, I was thrilled that Dr. Geck and his staff could make me feel so much better.

I wish more doctors understood what Dr. Geck does. He is a maverick in the true sense of the word. He uses cutting edge techniques to both diagnose and treat his patients. Honestly, I think he can fix almost anything.

The office is friendly, spacious and inviting. The AMIT techniques and the therapeutic staff give patients immediate relief. When you add the nutritional supplements and the in office massages — there really isn’t a place I’d rather be.

I know this sounds unreal, but it’s true. Go see for yourself–you will feel better than you ever have!” – Debora Marsh

“I had a total hip replacement in December 2016. As I began to recover, I developed neuropathy in both feet and lower legs. The pain was very intense and kept me awake at night. It was a burning pain and I could not stand to have the sheets touch my feet. I had taken a nerve medication and had some unpleasant side effects. I had also been taking oxycodone for the hip pain, but ended up taking it for the neuropathy pain.

The response from both my surgeon and primary care doctor was either to take a nerve pill or continue the oxycodone. I continued the oxycodone, but it is an opiate and can be addictive. I really wanted to be off of it.

I found out about Restorative Wellness on Facebook when I saw a posting regarding neuropathy. I contacted them and scheduled a consultation. I was impressed with their knowledge of neuropathy. I underwent some simple tests and learned it could be treated in a natural way. There were a lot of factors involved: changing diet, chiropractic visits, special supplements, foot massages, and equipment to use at home.

After a month in the program, I was able to go off the oxycodone, I was sleeping better, and the pain was greatly lessened in my feet. I have since been introduced to other aspects of Restorative Wellness and am so happy I found Dr. Geck’s practice. Thank you Dr. Geck, this experience has been well worth the expense!” – Pat Mullaly

“I have been seeing Dr. Geck off and on for the last year. Recently I tweaked something in my lower back during a work out class. Not only did he relieve my pain, but was able to start my classes back within a couple of days. Very professional, focuses on what is needed, one of a kind treatment!” – Jessica Boutwell

“Dr Geck’s chiropractic care along with the AMIT have really helped my shoulder. While I used to be able to do push-ups, I had not been able to do even one pushup for several years due to pain and weakness in my left shoulder. Now I can do 20 bent knee push ups with no pain! (I am a 60 year old female).” – Ann Fons

“Dr. Geck and his staff are the best. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. My entire family (all 5 of us!) regularly visit the office for muscle treatments. We have a special-needs child who has some ‘irregular’ behavior tendencies, and he has been treated wonderfully. The AMIT treatment (Advanced Muscle Integration Technique) has been very helpful, and I’ve recommended Restorative Wellness Center to quite a few friends and colleagues. I’m looking forward to seeing my family’s health continue to improve in 2016 as we visit Dr. Geck.” – Mark Berry

“Walking down three flights of stairs today from the parking structure to my hair appointment, I reflect on how things were year ago before I had Dr. Geck’s treatment. What he and his medical crew have done for me is nothing short of miraculous and I am so very grateful. At the age of 68, I could easily have just accepted limping as the natural course of aging deterioration. Thank heavens, a friend recommended Dr. Geck to me. And I want to ‘pay it forward’ by recommending Dr. Geck and his wonderful crew, Kelly, Kia and Matt, to you!” – Erica Perry

“If you really want real treatment, go to the Restorative Wellness Center.” – Leeta von Buelow

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