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If you have pain, injury, or imbalances preventing you from enjoying your hobbies, your job, and the life you want, and you are looking for a natural approach that works, you’ve found what you’re looking for.

We use a unique approach to stimulate quick and thorough healing for pain and injuries. It’s a multi-therapeutic technique using neuro-muscular therapy, chiropractic joint alignment, spinal decompression, and specialized massage techniques to help your body balance itself naturally and recover quickly.

Rather than merely treating symptoms with drugs and surgery, our multi-therapeutic approach engages the incredible, innate healing process of the body. It offers pain relief, balance, and better performance!

Clinically proven, multi-therapeutic approaches

  • Our approach is to help the body heal from its own problems, and not to merely cover the symptoms up with drugs, surgery, herbs, vitamins etc. Many treatment methods are very helpful, but they must be used in a way to rebuild the body, not just to “bandage” the symptom.
  • We have extensive experience in musculoskeletal problems like balance, joint pain, degeneration, disc bulges and herniation, and neuropathy. We also have extensive experience working with people with diabetes, hormone issues, excessive stress, thyroid problems, digestive problems etc.
  • We run tests to find the root cause or causes of the problems, and then work hand in hand to help the person overcome the problem rather than just finding a way to live with it.

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