5 Ways to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

metabolism reset program healthy weight lossFor many people, the upcoming holiday season makes them think of weight loss – and weight gain. It’s a time of year when food figures prominently. You can overindulge and feel bad about yourself later. You can hold back and be miserable about missing out on the good stuff. You can diet and exercise like crazy after indulging. Or you can develop a healthy way to lose weight and maintain your weight.

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Here are five ways to lose weight the healthy way:

  1. Give up fad diets. It can be tempting to do a juice diet or a baby food diet that promises miracles. But experiments like these take a toll on your body. They might help you shed a few pounds in the short-term, but you will not reap any lifetime rewards. And gaining the weight back as fast as you lost it will do nothing for your self-esteem.
  2. Stop exercising until your body fails you. Vigorous exercise will make you sweat but, especially if you are overweight, attempting to lose weight through workouts alone will stress your joints and muscles when your body is not yet ready for this kind of exertion. Exercise is good and important, when it’s done at the right time and in the right way.
  3. Stop depriving yourself. How many diets have you tried that have deprived you of the things you love? A life without carbs just can’t be maintained, and it shouldn’t have to be. The right diet doesn’t require you to give up entire food groups, it involves a healthy combination of all the foods you love and those you didn’t even know you could love.
  4. Don’t test your own willpower. Diets are hard to maintain. They’re tests of your willpower and motivation. But losing fat isn’t about calories in and calories out. When your body is working properly, it will burn fat naturally, and you won’t have to resort to unrealistic crash diets and excessive exercise.
  5. Reset your metabolism. Fat loss is about correcting your metabolism, permanently. The diets and weight-loss regimens that many people try are only temporary. There is no way to maintain the results for long periods of time without frustration and pain. Natural weight loss addresses your entire body, starting with your metabolism. Retraining your system to burn fat instead of sugar will allow you to control your weight easily – forever.

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