Trick? Or Treat? Your Body Holds the Secret to Weight Loss

weight loss restorative wellness center ann arborThere is never a right or wrong time of year to set a weight loss goal. Halloween can be a great jumping-off point, however, giving you one last hurrah to overindulge, or one more opportunity to make yourself so sick on candy that you will only crave healthy foods. Before you get discouraged, know this: Weight loss isn’t about giving up all sweets forever. It is about smart choices, moderation, knowing how your body works, and having the right kind of support to achieve your goals.

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Your Body Is Made to Succeed at Weight Loss

Many people who are trying to lose weight eventually hit a plateau. There are also people who try and try to lose a few pounds and instead seem to gain weight or see nothing happen at all. A good diet and exercise are important elements for maintaining good health, but they’re not the only components of successful weight loss. The secret to losing weight: Understanding and correcting your metabolism.

When you reset your body’s metabolism, you burn fat naturally, a task your body is designed to do so that you have more energy. Burning fat for energy helps you achieve greater stamina without saggy skin. But your body, unfortunately, could be trained to burn sugar instead of fat, depending on your diet and nutrition choices.

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No More Excuses – Put Yourself First

In general, adults know what they need to do to help their bodies. Eat more fruits and veggies, get the right vitamins and minerals, stay away from the wrong kinds of sugars. But knowing and doing are two different things.

Life gets in the way. Learning a whole new way of cooking and eating takes dedication, and time. If you don’t voice your goal, you will be less motivated to achieve it since the only person you’re letting down is yourself. But you’re the most important person to impress – reaching out for professional support can help you truly make weight loss happen this time.

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Fast, Easy, Effective, Real Weight Loss – Permanently

Just like many patients need to be retaught or instructed in the fine art of living and eating better, your body needs instruction too. Developing an awareness of when your body is burning sugar and when it’s burning fat and understanding the difference between the two will allow you to easily control your weight for the rest of your life.

There is no need to torture yourself with unrealistic diets, deprivation, and backbreaking and excessive exercise regimens. No radical changes, no hormones. Get the fat off and keep it off, without stressing your body through crazy exercise. The immediate results will keep you motivated, and so will the improvement in your overall health and wellness. You can reverse and prevent disease by losing the bad fat.

Ready to reset your metabolism? Six weeks is all it takes to turbo-charge your metabolism and get your body out of sugar-burning mode and into fat-burning mode. With the help of Dr. Daniel Geck and his functional medicine team at the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor, you can teach your body to respect and deploy the weight loss secret it carries.

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