Spotlight on Diabetes Therapy: Celebs with Diabetes

Tom Hanks diabetes therapyCelebrities have the privilege of drawing attention to health issues and causes. and there are several well-known names who have given diabetes a face. You may be surprised to recognize some of the people who live with diabetes. Plenty of them have used diabetes therapy to live full lives even with their diagnosis.

Celebrities Who Have Diabetes

Diseases and health problems do not discriminate. Even big names can find themselves suffering with serious afflictions, like diabetes. Some of the most well-known celebs with this condition include:

  • Tom Hanks: One of the bigger names to announce his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Hanks was prediabetic when he was younger. The problem evolved into full-blown diabetes and led to a major weight loss by Hanks when he focused on diabetes therapy.
  • Billie Jean King: A powerhouse athlete with diabetes? It’s true. Even though she was always focused on exercise and diet, King had to refocus her nutritional goals and make other efforts to get her diabetes under control. But she is living happily, even with the diagnosis – and you can too with customized diabetes therapy.
  • Bret Michaels: Rock stars are not untouchable when it comes to real life, which is especially evident in the case of Bret Michaels. He has been living with diabetes since age 6, but clearly this disease hasn’t stopped him from finding success.
  • Paula Deen: The once-heavy celebrity chef has type 2 diabetes, and her rich recipes were undoubtedly not helpful in her efforts to get the diabetes under control. Since her diagnosis, Deen has undergone major weight loss. Carrying excess weight increases a person’s likelihood of resisting insulin and is an even bigger risk factor for developing diabetes than a poor diet.
  • Drew Carey: Carey used to be overweight, and that stature helped him find fame as a comedian. But he grew weary of his type 2 diabetes and the corresponding health problems. So, he cut the carbs, hit the gym, and started dropping pounds. Carey’s focus has enabled him to live without diabetes medication and reverse his diabetes diagnosis. Diabetes therapy is an arm of functional medicine which focuses on solving a health problem rather than just masking its symptoms.
  • Randy Jackson: The former American Idol judge had type 2 diabetes. Not only did his once obese condition contribute to his diabetes, African Americans are more likely to develop diabetes. Add to that a family history of diabetes and Jackson was living with a triple whammy of risk factors. He opted for gastric bypass surgery, overhauled his diet, and committed himself to exercise to drop weight and get his diabetes under control.
  • Sherri Shepherd: The View co-host has tackled her diabetes diagnosis by changing her diet, giving up goodies like pasta, sauce-covered veggies, fried foods, and white bread. A good diet and exercise led to weight loss and better control over her condition.
  • Nick Jonas: The youngest Jonas Brother has type 1 diabetes. Once known as juvenile diabetes because it is more likely to affect adolescents and young adults, this condition can occur at any age.

Other notable figures with diabetes include former talk show host Larry King, actress Delta Burke, NFLer Jay Cutler, and singer Patti LaBelle.

Diabetes Therapy and Prevention

Diabetes does not only affect people who are overweight or lead a sedentary lifestyle. It’s not just a poor diet that causes diabetes. But making healthy changes in your life will make a difference in how you feel, and diabetes therapy and functional medicine can make that happen. If you’re ready to take control of your health and your diabetes, get help from Dr. Daniel Geck and his diabetes therapy team at the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor.

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