Pain Relief: Let Your Symptoms Guide You to Better Health in 2018

Pain relief Restorative Wellness CenterIt’s our job to take care of our bodies, be active, and eat well. Even if you do everything right, however, it can sometimes feel like your body is betraying you. The good thing to know is this: Your body is also capable of healing itself. Functional medicine and all the therapies associated with it make it possible for you to get pain relief, feel better, and live better. If you want to achieve good health in the new year, you can do it with the right support. A practitioner of functional medicine will listen to you and read what your body is saying, so you can pursue the most appropriate therapies for your needs.

Identifying the Source of Your Pain

Experiencing pain in an area of the body where you have never been injured can be confusing, frustrating, and difficult to treat. The pain is real, but sometimes it can be difficult to convince someone in conventional medicine of your symptoms.

When you have pain, in many cases it is not just one area of the body that is suffering. Pain can develop in one area – an area that was injured in the past or is newly injured – or it can migrate to a different part of the body that has never been injured.

Pain without obvious explanation may seem impossible to cure, but there is always an explanation for the pain you’re experiencing. The body compensates for pain, changing posture or habits to find relief. For example, you may figure out a different way of walking to take the pressure off that old ankle sprain, but your hip and back will eventually protest the imbalanced posture and develop their own level of pain. Confirming the original source of pain or injury and re-establishing stability is what will allow your body to relax and heal.

Reinforcing Your Body’s Core

Maybe you feel like you get the exercise you need. You do everything you can to compensate for the negative bodily side effects of your desk job or the physical demands of hard labor. Sore and tense muscles can still develop. Back pain can be debilitating. But where do you start when it comes to finding relief?

The role of the spine in your body’s overall wellness is often forgotten. As the true core of your body, the spine must be kept strong and healthy. Otherwise, the spine is susceptible to imbalances, tightness, and weakness, which leads to muscle tensions and pain deep within the spine. A thorough examination will uncover the origins of the pain you’re experienced. From there, a course of treatment will be customized to your needs, offering ways to balance and strengthen the body and reduce the pain in your neck, spine, or lower back.

Take an Active Role in Your Pain Relief

Physical pain is not shy. The symptoms are large and can take over your life. You won’t be able to ignore the presence of pain, but not everyone takes action to help themselves. There are solutions for your pain, and the right medical professionals will validate your concerns and identify the sources of your symptoms.

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