Is Your State of Mind Preventing You from Losing Weight?

losing weightHow are you feeling about your weight loss journey? Did you barrel into the new year determined to make this the year of the new you? It’s easy to get stuck in January, especially if you are carrying around extra pounds and have limited motivation to get moving in frigid temps. Depression is not far behind. This mental state has the power to not only completely derail any hopes of losing weight, it can affect the rest of your body too. Don’t despair. You may not love your body right now, but your body has the power to help you cure yourself.

You Are Your Solution to Losing Weight

Research has found depression to be the fourth leading cause of disability across the globe. This ranking is only expected to worsen. The double whammy of depression and excess weight are two burdens that can be difficult to shake any time of year. Not surprisingly, they also have a lot in common.

  • You are what you eat, body and mind. Lack of a healthy diet can lead to weight gain, and a diet that is nutritionally imbalanced and low in antioxidants can lead to depression. A good balance of vitamins and minerals can help make your body work at its optimum level.
  • Metabolism plays a bigger role than you think. A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to maintaining good health, but they are not the only components that lead to successful weight loss and strong mental health. Understanding your metabolism is the key to truly tackling your weight loss challenges.
  • Functional medicine can work in tandem with conventional medicine. If you have long been dependent on medications to manage your mood, you are probably aware that they can get in the way of losing weight for a variety of reasons. The desire to eliminate all drugs from your life is an honest goal, but the right functional medicine provider understands that each person’s case is unique, and there may be times when you need the support of conventional medicine. You can undergo the medical care you need while still improving your understanding of how your body works and being motivated to change the way you live so you can lose weight and develop a stable sense of well-being.

Discover Your Personal Weight Loss Formula

Avoid trying to figure out your ideal weight loss formula alone. Making rash decisions or moving too quickly to make changes just to see instant results can be detrimental both mentally and physically. Don’t harm your health in the process of trying to heal it.

Learning how to reset your body’s metabolism with the support of a functional medicine practitioner will help you burn fat naturally (instead of burning sugar) and is something your body is designed to do. Watching the pounds drop off will motivate you, boost stamina, and improve your state of mind.

Your lifestyle and environment are such a large part of good health. When you get stuck in one place both physically and mentally, it can be so difficult to make a change, or to even hope that positive change can be your reality. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Geck at the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor to learn more about functional medicine, how you may be standing in your own path of losing weight, and how to feel better, mind, body, and soul.

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