Ongoing Health Problems? 5 Reasons You Need Functional Medicine

reasons to choose functional medicineFunctional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease. Practitioners of functional medicine are focused on getting to the source of your health problems. There is no settling for covering up what’s happening by prescribing a medication and sending you on your way. There is no treating only the symptoms you’re exhibiting. In functional medicine, there is no stopping until the answer to “why” you have a health problem is answered.

Why Functional Medicine Is the Key to Good Health

When you have an ongoing health problem, you can become frustrated with traditional medical care. You know in your heart that there is something that’s not right, but being told that you’re imagining things or being told that there are no other tests that can be done is soul-crushing. And it’s not always true.

If you are suffering with a chronic health problem, or believe that you have a health problem that no doctor is taking seriously, it’s time to turn to functional medicine. Here are just five reasons why:

  1. You aren’t being invited into your own healing process.

    Some medications are necessary depending on your level of pain or the type of condition you are suffering. However, there are always additional ways to alleviate your suffering. The systems-oriented approach of functional medicine is intended to engage both the patient and practitioner to develop and support a therapeutic method of healing. If you are simply being given prescriptions and creams and comments like “it’s your age” or “there is only so much we can do,” don’t settle.

  2. Your lab tests might be normal but you still don’t feel right.

    When your general practitioner runs labs to check your thyroid function, for example, the results may come back clear. You’ll be told that there is nothing wrong with your thyroid, but you believe that something is out of whack. There is more to diagnosis and healing than blood tests. In functional medicine, you have an entire support team that is looking at your lifestyle, working environment, living environment, exercise habits, nutrition, vices, and so much more.

  3. No one is checking your gut.

    Proper gut function is the key to a healthy body, from physical health to mental health. And, of course, a major component of your gut’s function is the food that you eat. What you eat will help determine whether you feel healthy or sick. This approach is not just about eating a balanced diet and eliminating unhealthy foods. It’s also essential to determine what your food sensitivities are, how you metabolize food, how inflammatory foods affect your body, and more. These elements play prominent roles in the seriousness of your chronic disease.

  4. Your level of stress has never been measured.

    We live in a society where everyone has some level of stress to manage, whether you’re concerned about your kids, your parents, your job, your weight, your finances, anything. Stress, as we all plainly know, weakens our body. Stress is a warning sign that our body is going to break down, and that makes us more susceptible to chronic infection. Finding realistic ways to alleviate stress can go a long way toward changing your wellness challenges and your belief in your future good health.

  5. Your doctor doesn’t listen to you.

    Do you feel like you are talking to yourself at every doctor’s appointment? Is your doctor so busy typing or writing, not looking you in the eye, not acknowledging that he or she hears you? Healthcare is a delicate balance. You are a unique person and your care should be customized to your needs. Your diagnosis of A does not automatically mean that B will be the right therapy for you. In functional medicine, your care is personalized and targeted.

How you feel is directly affected by how you live, and functional medicine practitioners know that changes need to be made at the ground level for you to live life as your best and healthy self. At the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we treat the whole person. Contact us to schedule your consultation with our functional medicine team and get on the path to good health.

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