Diabetes: Prevent It. Control It.

prevent control diabetes with diabetes therapyIf diabetes runs in your family and you suspect you are at risk for developing this affliction, you can prevent it. If you already have diabetes, you can control it – and potentially even reverse it. Diabetes is not a life sentence. You can change how your body behaves with customized diabetes therapy.

Controlling Your Diabetes

You have options to manage diabetes, and they don’t have to include taking medications that pose a serious health risk, or not taking medications and attempting to live with incredibly high glucose levels. The first step to managing diabetes is to accept wholeheartedly that you have the power to change your relationship with this disease.

Diabetes is ultimately a hormonal issue. When glucose and insulin hormones are not working properly, the body gets stuck in fat-storing mode. Distorted hormonal levels make it difficult to burn fat, and weight loss with exercise will be nearly impossible.

Addressing the underlying cause of insulin problems can be your salvation, your diabetes prevention, and your way to control and even reverse diabetes. By altering lifestyle choices – including nutrition, activity level, environment, and medication and supplement intake – you can maintain control of your body.

You Can’t Fix Diabetes with Medication

Far too many diabetes patients are dependent on medications to control their diabetes. They may not want to be on meds, they may see that the meds are flawed, but they are resigned to taking them.

Medication can be helpful for many afflictions, but the side effects of diabetes meds are incredibly problematic and, in some cases, life threatening. Reliance on diabetes drugs can lead to complications such as weight gain, hypothyroid, and heart disease.

Here’s the reality: Most diabetes medications produce more insulin. While the meds manage insulin production and lower blood sugar, your pancreas will truly suffer, even to the point of degenerating. Without intervention, you will develop a lifelong dependence on insulin replacement.

Prevent a Diabetes Diagnosis

It’s not just one factor that determines your likelihood of developing diabetes. Risk factors for developing diabetes include being overweight, having a family history of diabetes, ethnicity (African Americans are disproportionately affected by diabetes), age, and lifestyle. Combining these risks with the choice to avoid living a healthy lifestyle, with the belief that diabetes meds will do the work for your “inevitable” diabetes diagnosis, means you will fight a lifelong, losing battle.

Don’t succumb to what you think is your health destiny. Everyone has the power to control their own body, even when it comes to diabetes. Balancing and stabilizing the functions of your hormones and glands, identifying and removing food sensitivities, restoring the balance of the GI tract – hormone management, food management, and lifestyle management are the main components of diabetes therapy. Take control of your well-being now to stop diabetes from ever touching you. It is possible to overcome a diabetes diagnosis.

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