6 Benefits of Spinal Decompression

spinal decompressionBack pain can range from temporary discomfort to constant pain to complete debilitation, and it can be caused by everything from a car accident to bad posture to manual labor to a sports injury to a desk job. One of the most effective treatments for back pain is spinal decompression, a non-invasive way to alleviate pressure that has built-up in between the vertebra in the discs of the back. The act of decompression allows nutrients and oxygen to flow back into the spine.

Here are just some of the benefits of spinal decompression:

1. Pain relief

Spinal decompression is most effective when administered in several sessions over several weeks, but healing begins right away. The spine is gently stretched, opening the pressure-filled discs and releasing the pinched spinal nerves, relieving pain.

2. Non-invasive

Surgery is not always necessary to treat back pain. Spinal decompression is a non-surgical technique, and the chances of injury in a treatment such as this are minimal to none.

3. Painless

Spinal decompression is often described by patients as a relaxing treatment as the spine is slowly and gently stretched, and the pressure between each vertebra is finally relieved.

4. No medication

You don’t have to live with painkillers for the rest of your life to manage back pain, and you don’t have to worry about developing a dependence on painkillers when using spinal decompression. This is an all-natural method for minimizing the discomfort you’re feeling.

5. Cost-effective

A costly surgical option is not guaranteed to be 100% effective in providing total pain relief. A medication-free, non-surgical option with a quick recovery time like spinal decompression is a fraction of the cost of surgery with greater likelihood of relief. Pain medication is typically needed after surgery and recovery is lengthy – the side effects can be negative and long-lasting.

6. Healing and restorative

Spinal decompression is not just a temporary fix. This technique promotes the healing of spinal disc tissues by drawing healing fluids and other substances toward damaged tissue so you can begin to get better. It is possible for spinal decompression to be even more effective and for you to improve overall good health when making lifestyle changes, keeping up with recommended exercise, and following a customized functional medicine routine.

Treat the Source of Your Back Pain

The back pain and leg pain that result from disc herniations, disc bulges, and other spinal disorders can often be relieved by spinal decompression, which is a clinically proven alternative to surgery for spinal disc issues. Treating the underlying structural issue that is causing your pain and discomfort is the most direct way to address the problem, and it does not mask the issue at hand as medication does.

If you feel like your life is in limbo because of back pain, it’s time to learn more about spinal decompression. Allow the team at the Restorative Wellness Center in Ann Arbor help you find drug-free, surgery-free pain relief. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Geck.

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